Our Chips’ Applications

Nano IC technology could be employed in a variety of scenarios with ease and confidence.
You just need to think a bit outside the box! :

22321376 - safety concept: digital screen with icon opened padlock, 3d render Our technology solution could be used for example:

  1. To authenticate and to provide security and control of vehicles, automobiles, drones, airplanes, trains, etc.
  2. To detect counterfeit goods: luxury products, art, antiques, wine, tires, etc.
  3. To provide realtime encryption/ decryption utilizing pure hardware.
  4. To detect counterfeit medicine.
  5. To authenticate passports, ID cards, access cards, etc.
  6. To provide security for hotel rooms.
  7. To be integrated into personal/ commercial safes for secure access.
  8. In the food industry as an authentication mechanism and safety measures.
  9. To perform financial transactions using smartphones.
  10. To bypass financial institutions such as Visa or Mastercard by introducing Smart Cards.
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