Authentication Example

Let’s say the manufacturer of a luxury good, or a pharmaceutical company wants to protect her products from ever getting counterfeited by the counterfeiters.

Nano IC.137

In the authentication example of using “Nano IC” chips, the manufacturer  attaches/affixes the “Smart Tag” chip (which is extremely minuscule) to her product’s tag. Everyone of the these chips would be programmed with a unique serial number or information of the manufactured product. The manufacturer then would ship her products to its sales or distribution channel.

The other “Nano IC” chip, the “Reader” device comes in a module that would be connected to a Smart Phone. At the point of authentication, the user insert the product tag into the “Reader” module. By clicking on a button on the App that comes with the Smart Phone, it would take only a matter of a millisecond or less to authenticate the product.

Done with the authentication and want to destroy the tag?! No problem! All it takes is a click of button on the Smart Phone to do the job. From then on, the “Smart Tag” becomes useless and cannot be used further.

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