Scope of Problems

What Problems Are We Trying To Solve?


(Are keyless entry systems safe? | ADAC)

Providing Security and Preventing Digital Hacking:

Nano IC devices are easily adaptable to a wide range of applications which are of utmost concerns to manufacturers. For instance, car, drone, airplane and train manufacturers are extremely concerned about digital hacking of their systems. Nano IC devices can provide the security and authenticity which these manufacturers are after.

Fighting Counterfeiting of Products

• Counterfeit market, with an estimated annual value of $250 to $500 billion, is ruining hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the manufactures on R&D, sales, and marketing

• Counterfeit products tarnish famous brands Nano IC.127

• Millions of lives are lost annually due to consumption of counterfeit medicines (ranging from expensive cancer drugs to ordinary pain killer medicines)

• Sophisticated counterfeiters have used same advanced technologies to circumvent the anti-counterfeit measures adapted by manufactures.

What seems to be missing from the current market is a deterrent method which by all means is impractical or economically infeasible by counterfeiters to reproduce, as well as an easy way to provide security and secure access to tangible goods

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