Our Solution

The solution relies on a unique and patented technology which provides a very formidable obstacle against counterfeiting as well as allowing the user to employ it in situations where security and hacking are of prime concerns.

Although the concept is quite simple to understand, it is an extremely powerful mechanism that could be used in various situations. The technology consists of 2 Integrated Circuits (chips) where military type encryption/decryption engines has been utilized on board these 2 chips.

Automobile Security Scenario:

In the realm of car security, our devices are extremely unique. “Nano IC” chips provide a formidable deterrent factor against vehicle hacking. Using similar concept as is explained in Automobile_SecurityAuthentication Scenario below, one can easily achieve needed vehicle security for most of the scenarios whereby the manufacturers are extremely concerned about. Some application examples of “Nano IC” devices in preventing car hacking or theft are shown in the accompanying image.


Authentication Scenario:

1. The first one, “Smart Tag”, would be programmed with a unique product Serial Number (SN) and is attached/affixed to the product.

2. The second chip, the “Reader”, would be part of a module sent to the point of authentication/sale

3. The “Reader” reads both encrypted and decrypted versions of SN from the “Smart Tag” attached to the product and compares them against its own expected value to authenticate the product.

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